GeoZui4D is a highly interactive 3D visualization sysem developed in the Data Visualization Research Lab which is part of the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping at the University of New Hampshire. It is designed to support research by providing a to support for innovative data visualization. It is also intended to be a practical and useful tool for fusing multiple sources of georeferenced Data. It is a Zooming User Interface - hence 'Zui'. It is georeferenced - hence GeoZui. It emphasizes interactive 3D solutions - hence GeoZui4D.
Juan de Fuca Ridge; Crest data showing track of Ropos ROV
Photographic images can be placed in the context in which they were taken. This image shows data from the Canadian ROPOS remotely operative vehicle dive to theJuan de Fuca Ridge Crest

GeoZui has the following features:

  • A rapid zooming center of workspace interface whereby it is only necessary to click on a point of interest for it to be moved to the center of the screen.
  • Stereoscopic display given appropriate hardware
  • Runs on both Unix and PC platforms
  • Is fully georeferenced
  • Supports spacial queries
  • Real time data input from autonomous or remote vehicles is supported through CORBA.
  • Multiple objects of different types can be viewed simultaneously
  • Water temperature as it varies with depth

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    Partners: We are currently working with NOAA, Woods Hole , C&C technologies and AUSI on a variety of projects.

    Funding: GeoZui4D receives funding from the UNH Center for Coastal Mapping, NSF, and the New Hampshire SeaCoast Science Center. Video illustrating GeoZui4D interaction. Matthew Plumlee, Colin Ware, Roland Arsenault

    Contact: Colin Ware