s_bootstrap [OPTIONS]... [FILES]...


       Write a description of of s_bootstrap here.

       This  algorithm  perturbs samples by either the sample sigma in the 7th
       position or by an overall site sigma.  The  site  sigma  is  calculated
       with the Hext algorithm in the same was as in Lisa's sitesig.f.

       In the future, I would like to add an option to do allow bootstrap sam-
       ple averages as in Lisa's bootams.  If you really want this, bug me.

       s_bootstrap 0.19

       Provide bootstrap resampling of groups of samples.

       -h, --help
              Print help and exit

       -V, --version
              Print version and exit

       -v, --verbosity=INT
              Set  the  verbosity  level  (0=quiet  10=verbose   20=bombastic)

       -f, --format=STRING
              Output  format.   s - 7 number s values (see s_eigs) tpr - polar
              xyz - cartesian  (default=`xyz')

       -n, --numout=INT
              Number of output files.  1 - put min, int, max in a single  file
              3 - put min, int, max each in a separate file.

       Appends the number to the filename.

       -d, --draw=INT
              How  many  samples  to  draw/bootstrap  from  a  particular file

       -P, --site
              Site parametric error using Hext method for sigma

       -p, --sample
              Sample parametric using the per sample sigma (default)

       -o, --out=filename
              Output file name.  If 3 is selected for numout,  then  a  number
              will be appended to the filenames

       or for Lisa's latest source and online book.

s_bootstrap 0.19                  March 2006                    S_BOOTSTRAP(1)

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