simpleview [OPTIONS]... [FILES]...


       Simpleview is an OpenInventor based scenegraph viewer.  It uses Coin to
       provide the OpenInventor API and SimVoleon to provide the  volume/voxel
       rendering capability Number of file type drivers: 14
          1: qtif
          2: jp2
          3: tga
          4: tif
          5: pntg
          6: png
          7: pct
          8: iff
          9: jpg
          10: bmp
          11: psd
          12: sgi
          13: rgb
          14: rgba
          15: bw
          16: inta
          17: int
          18: eps
          19: ps FIX: need to cleanup the tables following two tables

       Keyboard shortcuts:

              a  -  Toggle  (A)nimation  -   Start/Stop        b - Jump to the
       (B)eginning of the animation sequence       c  -  (C)onnect  the  dots.
       Put lines between the waypoints       d - (D)ump the current view to an
       image       f - Write scene graph to a (F)File       h - Print out this
       (H)elp  list        i - (I)nsert a waypoint at the current camera loca-
       tion       n - (N)ext waypoint       p - (P)revious waypoint       r  -
       (R)Render  frames as they animate       s - (S)how/Hide way point mark-
       ers       w - Write the current set of (W)aypoints to a file

             - - Decrease the debug level       + - Incease  the debug level

             Do not forget to use the right mouse button or option-left  mouse
       for more

       simpleview 0.19

       Coin/SimVoleon viewer of OpenInventor, VRML, and Voxel data

       -h, --help
              Print help and exit

       -V, --version
              Print version and exit

       -b, --basename=STRING
              Basename to use when creating output files (default=`simpleview-

       -k, --keys
              Dump the hot keys list that work inside the viewer

       -l, --list
              List the output file formats available for dumping images

       -t, --type=STRING
              File format to write rendered files too.  See  --list  for  file
              types  (default=`rgb')

       -w, --waypoints=filename
              Load in waypoints from a file

       -i, --interval=sec
              Minimum time between each frame in animating (default=`0.25')

       -p, --percent=FLOAT
              Fraction  to move between each waypoint after each frame [0..1].
              It is recommended to use an even divisor of 1.0 or  your  anima-
              tion will jump at each waypoint  (default=`0.1')

       -n, --noloop
              loop the animation  (default=off)


       Kurt Schwehr


       ivview, viz

simpleview 0.19                   March 2006                     SIMPLEVIEW(1)

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