volhdr_edit [OPTIONS]... [FILES]...


       volhdr_edit 0.19

       Muck with the header of a volume file.  Does not change the data field.
       WARNING: The results are not guaranteed to be a valid volume file

       -h, --help
              Print help and exit

       -V, --version
              Print version and exit

       -v, --verbosity=INT
              Set  the  verbosity  level  (0=quiet  10=verbose   20=bombastic)

       -D, --data=filename
              Use volume raw data with a new header

       -n, --nodata
              Do not write data with the header

       -o, --out=filename
              Output file name

       -m, --magic=INT
              Give a new magic number  (default=`192837465')

       -H, --header_len=INT
              Number of bytes of header

       -w, --width=INT
              Num voxels in the x direction  (default=`10')

       -t, --tall=INT
              Num voxels in the y direction or height  (default=`10')

       -d, --depth=INT
              Num voxels in the z direction  (default=`10')

       -b, --bpv=INT
              Bits per voxel  (default=`8')

       -I, --index_bits=INT
              Set the index bits  (default=`0')

       -j, --xscale=FLOAT
              Scale the voxels.  (default=`1.0')

volhdr_edit 0.19                  March 2006                    VOLHDR_EDIT(1)

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