xyz_iv [OPTIONS]... [FILES]...


       xyz_iv 0.19

       Convert xyz points to OpenInventor Models

       -h, --help
              Print help and exit

       -V, --version
              Print version and exit

       -v, --verbosity=INT
              Set   the  verbosity  level  (0=quiet  10=verbose  20=bombastic)

       -o, --out=filename
              Ouput the OpenInventor model here

       -b, --box[=width]
              Draw a box around each point  (default=`0.1')

       -c, --color=r g b
              Select the color with each channel [0..1].   Make  sure  to  put
              quotes around your r g b's

       -l, --linked
              Draw lines between each of the points

       -p, --polarlines
              Draw lines from the origin to each point (default=off)

       -s, --sphere[=radius]
              Draw a sphere around each point  (default=`0.1')

xyz_iv 0.19                       March 2006                         XYZ_IV(1)

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