xyzvol_cmp [OPTIONS]... [FILES]...


       xyzvol_cmp 0.19

       Compare xyz values to a volume density... blobby volume density.

              Only  takes the first 3 values on each line and ignores the rest
              of the line.  Output is

              x y z count %%_of_total_counts %%_cdf

       -h, --help
              Print help and exit

       -V, --version
              Print version and exit

       -v, --verbosity=INT
              Set  the  verbosity  level  (0=quiet  10=verbose   20=bombastic)

       -o, --out=filename
              Output file name.  '-' for filename to be stdout

       -d, --density=filename
              Density volume file.  .vol format

       -x, --xmin=FLOAT
              Minimum  x  coordinate  If you specify and of [xyzXYZ], then the
              defaults kick in.  Otherwise the value is determined by the den-
              sity loader.  (default=`-0.5')

       -X, --xmax=FLOAT
              Maximum X coordinate  (default=`0.5')

       -y, --ymin=FLOAT
              Minimum y coordinate  (default=`-0.5')

       -Y, --ymax=FLOAT
              Maximum Y coordinate  (default=`0.5')

       -z, --zmin=FLOAT
              Minimum z coordinate  (default=`-0.5')

       -Z, --zmax=FLOAT
              Maximum Z coordinate  (default=`0.5')

       -r, --rotate-fit
              Rotate   each  sample  to  also  find  the  best  fit  direction

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