12/2006 Note: gmtplus last release is 3.4.3 which does NOT compile with GMT 4.1.4. I am throwing in the towel. -kurt

This software has had some serious bit rot. JJ, Ed, Dru, and I have all worked to bring it back to life, but it needs some help to get to GMT 4.x. There are two GMT commands that have had arg changes. These need to be looked up and fixed. Also, I have not worked on the x_system for crossing ship tracks.

This is the Mac OSX 10.4.x port. All other system are complete untested.

3.4.2 requires GMT 4.1.1 to compile

WARNING: This repository is going away soon. Mirror this if count on gmtplus. Installing with fink:

  fink install wget-ssl
  cd /sw/fink/10.4-transitional/local/main/finkinfo/
  sudo -s  # become root
  mkdir sci
  cd sci
  cd /sw/etc
  emacs fink.conf
  # make sure that unstable/main and local/main are on the "Trees" line
  exit # go back to your regular user self
  fink index
  fink install gmtplus
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