La Jolla scene

La Jolla, CA
Fledermaus Scene

by Kurt Schwehr

This model was produced inconjuction with the Chirp Lab, Paleomagnetic Lab, and SIO Viz Center with help from many in the SIO community.

Movies: [Large QT 23MB] [Large mpeg 1 7MB] [Medium QT 6MB] [Medium Animated GIF 6MB]
Scene: [LaJolla-public.scene.gz 68MB] - This file will uncompress to 200 MB.
Free Viewer: iView3D from IVS

Here are some of the data sources:

Here is a quick figure explaining what is in the seismic images:

Which were acquired by this EdgeTech chirp:

Helocopter photos used with permission:

Copyright (C) 2002-2004 Kenneth Adelman, California Coastal Records Project,
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