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What is Viz ?
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What is Viz ?

Viz is a 3D visualization software which allows data visualization and user interaction with the 3D objects. It comes with a set of applications including science analysis tools for Photorealistic 3D models, planning tools for robotic control and various utilities for telemetry/sequence replay and simulation display. It also provides animation capabilities. Viz is the latest version of the Autonomy and Robotics Area's developments of Virtual Environment for Vehicle Interfaces.

The core technology of Viz consist of a multi-purpose Virtual Environment-based visualization infrastructure. Viz has been designed to allow the user to rapidly tailor Viz to specific applications using a set of defined messages to control and interact with the 3D scene.

Viz currently runs under SGI IRIX-6.5 (tested on Onyx, Octane and O2) and Linux RedHat 5.2.


Viz has been used to support different projects in the Autonomy and Robotics Area (formerly Intelligent Mechanisms Group) at NASA Ames Research Center.


Point of contact: Laurent Nguyen or Kurt Schwehr
Larry Edwards 
Laurent Nguyen 
Kurt Schwehr 
Marion Smith  - A.K.A. Trey
Michael D. Wagner 
Eric Zbinden
People involved 
Maria Bualat 
Lorenzo Flueckiger 
Joel Hagen 
Gary Haith 
Bob Kanefsky 
Carol Stoker
Alex Derbes 
Paul Henning 
Aaron Kline 
Deanne Tucker 
Nick Vallidis 
Jimmy Villard 
Michael Timo Wagner

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