2011 Research Tools

2011 Research Tools

Class material:


All but 1 of the classes were taught by Kurt Schwehr. I am an Affiliate Research Professor in the Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping / Joint Hydrographic Center at the University of New Hampshire and a GIS Data Engineer at Google for Oceans.

Rob Braswell taught class 25 on R for statistics. Rob is an Affiliate Faculty in EOS at UNH and works at Applied Geosolutions.


The goal of this UNH course is to give students skills that will help them conquer data throughout their career. I am hoping to get this wrapped together as a book that people can take with them when they leave CCOM. I am releasing all course material under a creative commons non-commercial license, so that you can pass copies to your co-workers. 2011 is the first year that the course is being taught in this style. Please email me if you find any typos.

NOTE: The order was flipped on 2012-June-26 to have the beginning at the top.

012011-08-30YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3Introduction
022011-09-01YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3IRC, Wiki, Basic Shell
032011-09-06YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3Wiki editing, Weather Demo, Command Line
042011-09-08YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3VMWare Ubuntu Image
052011-09-13YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3File types, Emacs intro, beginning scripts
062011-09-15YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3KeePassX and Dropbox
072011-09-20YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3Emacs and org-mode
HW 022011-09-20Homework 2: shell and org-mode
082011-09-22YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3More emacs and script files
Vid 012011-09-24YouTube H264Emacs part 1: emacs keyboard introduction and txt
Vid 022011-09-25YouTube H264pdf keyEmacs part 2: more advanced emacs
Vid 032011-09-25YouTube H264Emacs part 3: org-mode and org-babel
Vid 042011-09-26YouTube H264Emacs part 4: yet more emacs
092011-09-27YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3babel, bash, Google Earth
HW 032011-09-27Homework 3: work log / journal
102011-09-29YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3QGIS, Bash, Healy Movie, ipython+matplotlib
Vid 052011-09-30YouTube H264Bash part 1: introduction to the shell
Vid 062011-10-02YouTube H264Bash part 2: variables
Vid 072011-10-02YouTube H264Python part 1: intro to python/ipython
112011-10-04YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3ipython and python data types
122011-10-06YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3Python: files, for loops
Vid 82011-10-09YouTube H264Python part 2: ways to run python code
Vid 92011-10-09YouTube H264Python part 3: parts
Vid 102011-10-10YouTube H264Emacs part 5 - modes
HW 42011-10-11Submit your log file with lectures 09 and 10
Vid 112011-10-12YouTube H264pdf keyPython part 4 - if, modules, command line args
Vid 122011-10-13YouTube m4vpdf keyPython part 5 - while loops
132011-10-13YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3Python: if, while, functions, classes
Vid 132011-10-15YouTube H264pdf keyPython part 6 - parsing GPS data
Rd 12011-10-13txtmp3NOAA - Making Waves: Building a Better Geoid
Vid 142011-10-18YouTube mp4Python part 7 - more reusable code
142011-10-18YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3Python: parsing GPS data
152011-10-20YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3Python: Matplotlib part 1
Vid 152011-10-23YouTube H264pdf keyPython part 8: Matplotlib part 1
Vid 162011-10-24YouTube H264pdf keyPython part 9: Simple signal processing
162011-10-25YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3Python: matplotlib 2 - graphing
172011-10-27YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3QGIS and GDAL for Raster/Vector Charts
182011-11-01YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3BAGs, HDF5 and XML
192011-11-03YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3BAGs 2, XML Metadata
Vid 172011-11-07YouTube H264pdf keyEmacs, HDF5 BAGs and XML Metadata
Vid 182011-11-08YouTube H264pdf keyPython: Reading a HDF5 BAGs - h5py, matplotlib
202011-11-08YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3BAGs 3, XML Metadata, KML, and GSHHS shapefile
212011-11-10YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3Python: parsing binary data - SBETs - Part 1
222011-11-15YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3Python: parsing binary data - SBETs - Part 2
232011-11-17YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3Python: parsing binary data - SBETs - Part 3
242011-11-22YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3Python: parsing binary data - SBETs - Part 4
Vid 192011-11-27YouTube H264pdf keyMercurial (hg) for version control
252011-11-29YouTube mp4pdf pdf2commentmp3Rob Braswell: 1-Intro 2-CO2 3-ANOVA
262011-12-01YouTube mp4pdf keycommentmp3Python: parsing binary data - SBETs - Part 5
HW 52011-12-06Turn in final log file for the whole class
Vid 202011-12-26YouTube H264pdf keySecure shell (ssh, scp), crontab and emacs tramp

The blog column points to posts on blogger where people can leave comments and have discussions. http://schwehr.org/blog, my normal blog channel is not setup for comments, so I will be using my blogger account for feedback.

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More Course Materials

Virtual Machine account:

  • user: researchtools
  • pass: !rt2011vm


There will be NO final. The real test will be how well you are able to use and adapt the material from this class for your own research and future classes.


NOTE: Starting at lecture 22, org files should now be "pulled" using mercurial ("hg"). I have removed the org links to encourage people to do exactly that. To get setup with the notes via hg:

mkdir ~/projects
cd ~/projects
sudo apt-get install mercurial # hg
hg clone https://bitbucket.org/schwehr/researchtools

You should update the notes before everytime you work on the material:

cd ~/projects/researchtools
hg pull   # Bring the changes down to the local "repo"
hg update # Change the working files to have the latest changes

Date: 2012-06-30 21:19:05 PDT

Author: Kurt Schwehr

Org version 7.8.03 with Emacs version 23

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[TXT]07-emacs-and-org-mode.html2011-09-30 17:32 23K 
[TXT]1-introduction.html2011-09-06 14:55 7.6K 
[TXT]2-irc-wiki-basic-shell.html2011-09-01 11:06 11K 
[TXT]3-basic-command-line.html2011-09-06 11:02 37K 
[TXT]4-ubuntu-virtual-machine.html2011-10-03 08:31 15K 
[TXT]5-filetypes-emacs.html2011-09-15 10:38 32K 
[TXT]8-more-emacs-and-script-files.html2011-09-22 11:03 25K 
[TXT]9-bash-scripting.html2011-09-28 12:19 17K 
[TXT]10-qgis-bash-python.html2011-09-29 07:52 24K 
[TXT]11-ipython.html2011-10-04 10:34 37K 
[TXT]12-python.html2011-10-08 14:07 18K 
[TXT]13-python.html2011-10-13 09:34 10K 
[TXT]14-python-gps-data.html2011-10-18 10:25 5.6K 
[TXT]15-matplotlib.html2011-10-20 09:49 14K 
[TXT]16-matplotlib-2.html2011-10-25 10:59 7.8K 
[TXT]17-qgis-gdal.html2011-10-27 09:57 21K 
[TXT]18-bag-hdf-xml.html2011-11-03 09:56 18K 
[TXT]19-bag-2-xml-metadata.html2011-11-06 15:34 27K 
[TXT]20-bags-3-xml-kml-gshhs.html2011-11-09 14:52 31K 
[TXT]21-python-binary-files.html2011-11-10 10:46 32K 
[TXT]22-python-binary-files-part-2.html2011-11-16 10:47 36K 
[TXT]23-python-binary-files-part-3.html2011-11-19 08:50 45K 
[TXT]24-python-binary-files-part-4.html2011-11-24 00:10 48K 
[   ]25-R-lab1-Intro.odt2011-11-29 10:15 19K 
[   ]25-R-lab1-Intro.pdf2011-11-29 09:31 73K 
[   ]25-R-lab2-CO2.odt2011-11-29 10:15 18K 
[   ]25-R-lab2-CO2.pdf2011-11-29 09:31 95K 
[   ]25-R-lab3-ANOVA.odt2011-11-29 10:15 15K 
[   ]25-R-lab3-ANOVA.pdf2011-11-29 09:31 40K 
[TXT]26-python-binary-files-part-5.html2011-12-01 20:41 37K 
[TXT]HEADER.html2012-07-01 00:19 46K 
[   ]HEADER.org2011-12-07 13:38 20K 
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[DIR]audio/2012-06-30 10:06 -  
[TXT]choosing-a-programming-language.html2010-12-23 21:34 18K 
[   ]choosing-a-programming-language.org2010-12-23 21:34 8.5K 
[TXT]choosing-a-text-editor.html2010-12-23 21:34 11K 
[   ]choosing-a-text-editor.org2010-12-23 21:34 4.6K 
[TXT]command-line.html2010-12-23 21:34 89K 
[   ]command-line.org2010-12-23 21:34 63K 
[TXT]communication.html2010-12-23 21:34 4.7K 
[   ]communication.org2010-12-23 21:34 882  
[TXT]databases.html2010-12-23 21:34 21K 
[   ]databases.org2010-12-23 21:34 11K 
[DIR]docs/2011-09-30 17:29 -  
[DIR]examples/2011-11-22 08:14 -  
[DIR]figures/2011-11-22 06:48 -  
[IMG]gis.png2011-10-13 11:01 115K 
[   ]google-earth-line-end.kml2010-11-18 10:28 109  
[   ]google-earth-line-start.kml2010-10-16 14:20 311  
[TXT]holes.csv2010-10-15 11:31 123K 
[DIR]hw/2011-09-20 08:20 -  
[TXT]intro-to-python-part2.html2010-12-22 13:46 7.5K 
[TXT]introduction.html2010-12-23 21:34 28K 
[   ]introduction.org2010-12-23 21:34 8.9K 
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[DIR]present/2012-06-30 20:35 -  
[TXT]python-binary-files.html2010-12-23 21:34 97K 
[   ]python-binary-files.org2010-12-23 21:34 59K 
[TXT]python-intro-from-matlab.html2010-12-23 21:34 7.2K 
[   ]python-intro-from-matlab.org2010-12-23 21:34 3.4K 
[TXT]python-intro.html2010-12-23 21:34 35K 
[   ]python-intro.org2010-12-23 21:34 21K 
[TXT]revision-control.html2010-12-23 21:34 5.0K 
[   ]revision-control.org2010-12-23 21:34 1.0K 
[   ]sample.sbet2010-12-15 14:52 22K 
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[DIR]video/2012-06-18 00:26 -  
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