A little bit about myself:

I graduated from Stanford University in 1996 with a BS in geology. In 1996, I joined the Intelligent Mechanisms Group at NASA Ames. There I worked on mobile robot technology for geologic exploration. My projects included Mars Pathfinder, Mars Polar Lander, CMU's Nomad Rover, Marsokhod, and Rocky 7/FIDO. I focused on computer vision, scientific visualization, and real-time software. In 1998, I took a one-year leave to be a Visiting Scientist in the Field Robotics Center at Carnegie Mellon to participate in the Mars Rover program. In the past, I have also worked for the USGS and the SETI Institute. My field areas have included: Mono Lake, Yellowstone National Park, Great Basin National Park, Patriot Hills in Antarctica, and Haughton Crater in the Artic.

I am currently a graduate student at Scripps Institute of Oceanography working on my PhD as a joint track student between geology and geophysics. My PhD advisor is Prof. Lisa Tauxe and also advising me on this project is Prof. Neal Driscoll.

More information about me is available in my resume. -Kurt

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