20-Nov-2003 Sampled core 05PC sections 1-4. 024

22-Apr-2003 210 Pb sampling: 023 from the way back machine.

07-Jul-2003 Foram sampling and picking... 022

01-Jul-2003 Foram sampling and picking... 020 and 021.

05-May-2003 Sampled for C14-AMS on 02PC4 at 2 intervals. Going to be preping the samples in the Norris Lab. (Still working on a Mac version of XCore.

Apr-2003 Presented a poster at AGU/EGS in Nice, France on the Eel River AMS data from cores 1PC,2PC, and 7PC.

18-Mar-2003 JP helped me sample for Pb210, Cs137. Also did 01TC1 on 22-Apr w/ Christie. The two batches will be processed at UofW.

Mar-2003 My paper is published... Schwehr and Tauxe, 2003.

28-Feb-2003 Passed my Qualifier!
10-Nov-2002 My paper with Lisa Tauxe on deformation in the Ardath Shale was accepted to Geology!!

06-Sep-2002 - Won the viz contest. See here.

Aug & Sept-2002 - Working on the sioviz contest. My project will be viewable after 6 Sept. AJH has been running more pmag samples.

02-Jun-2002 - 017 - Photos of the process of doing the 4x5 inch format photos of 01PC.

13-May-2002 - Core Descriptions - Andrew and I described core 04pc in excel. XCore - Uploaded version 0.5.

03-May-2002 - Core Descriptions - Described 03PC using Paula's excel spreadsheets and a photo. XCore - Uploaded version 0.4. Now has panning around the image with the arrow keys.

24-Apr-2002 - 016 - photos of branches in 04PC-sec2. A pretty serious flooding event.

11-Apr-2002 - 014 - photos of 02Pc sec?. 015 - photo of worm on top of 07PC top section.

09-Apr-2002 - XCore - Released version 0.3 which has panning while zoomed in. Still needs TONS of work. Plus, sample processing of core 01PC and 02PC are at sio223.

24-Mar-2002 - XCore - Alpha software (just a demo) that will make an intensity graph from a picture of the Archive sections of the core.

19-Mar-2002 - CorePhotos

06-Mar-2002 - Photos from piston core 01PC. 011-35mm . 012-kodak dig cam. 013-Neal's 2Mpixel camera.

01-Mar-2002 - Starting splitting piston core 01PC. Core Descriptions.

05-Feb-2002 - Have a demo core logger with MS setup in the core locker area. Logged ms of a few core halves. CoreLog-KurtMS

03-Feb-2002 - Ardath Shale Photos. I took them 30 Jan 2002 with a digital camera. Some nice Scripps Pier photos.

29-Jan-2002 - Denise gave me copies of her photos from the cruise.

19-Jan-2002 - Took my first xray of a core. No stucture visible.

16-Jan-2002 - Now have a better plot of core lengths on chirp data.

05-Jan-2002 - Added shipboard journal and photo descriptions to papers. Lately, I've been working to split the trigger cores and learning how to do smear slides.

03-Jan-2002 - Added OSU core data sheets, SIO core description forms, adcp, ctd, das, hydrosweep, and winfrog to the data page.

29-Dec-2001 - Added graphs of gamma logs done at the UofW to the data page.

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