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Goal: Pursue research and teaching with a joint Geology and Computer Science appointment. I would like to integrate collaboration with SIO, JPL, NASA, CMU's STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, and commercial companies to provide real world problems for student learning and research. Please take a look at the presentation for an example of the type of research that I would like to accomplish.

Interests: Data analysis, visualization (geometric and volumetric), paleomagnetics, seismic and multibeam processing, stratigraphy, sedimentology, marine and planetary geology, software engineering, and robotic exploration.

  • Computer Scientist at NASA Ames and JPL. Worked on three Mars Missions (Pathfinder, Polar Lander, and MER) creating the Ames Stereo Pipeline, the Viz planetary lander GIS system, the Polar Lander integrated image and 3D processing pipeline, and 90% of the 3D release products for the first 3 months of the MER landers. Extensive development of realtime systems, user interfaces, and network algorithms in robotic systems.
  • Visiting Scientist in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University on the Mars Autonomy project working to integrate research technologies with flight vehicle prototypes.
  • Since 1989 I have done contract work for NASA Ames, USGS Menlo Park, the SETI Institute, Stanford, and private companies.
  • My field work includes 2 trips to Antarctica, the Canadian Arctic, the Basin and Range in Eastern Nevada, Yellowstone, Mono Lake, the Eel River STRATAFORM area, and the Santa Barbara Channel.
  • PhD in the summer of 2005 from Scripps Institute of Oceanography in Geology and Geophysics.
  • BS Geology from Stanford University.
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