Tools for working with SimVoleon vol format voxel data
By Kurt Schwehr

This project is a set of tools that I am using for my PhD thesis on comparing magnetic eigen parameters of sediments. That being said, other that the statistical bootstrap/error modeling code, the rest of the code is applicable to just about any volumetric project.

I tend to think of the vol data structure as a 3D histogram. For each XYZ point, that adds to the count in any one cell. Remember that histograms have all kinds of sampling theory problems, so use volume data with care.

Docs: Doxygen documentation or click on the programs below for a man page.
Scripts and GNU makefile: are here as html.

The programs:


These are the main tools I use for development of density. This serves as a quick way to get to the documentation when working with density

[SIMVoleon] [Coin] [SoQt]
[gcc/g++] [bash] [GNU Make] [gengetopts] [Doxygen]
[help2man] [man2html] [cvs] [pmag] [acoc]
[fink] [emacs] [gdb] [gnuplot] [python]
[gsl] [code2html]

Thanks to Ian Macdonald for adding an environment variable option to acoc!